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Our business website designers will build you a professional website or landing page that represents your business in the best possible way. Our SEO services combined with our Social Media Management services will help your business achieve the highest possible ranking on Google & other popular search engines in your targeted area.

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Company Branding

A good brand communicates the “idea” of a company or product, and branding properly means creating consistency in all aspects of your business – both online and offline. You probably already know that having a website is just as important as having a phone number to provide your customers with. But your website is the perfect platform to create a dependable, positive image that will automatically come to mind when people think of your business. Communicate the right message and solidify your online brand with these helpful tips:


The language you use to communicate with your client base should have its own identity. If you run a daycare center, it should probably be playful and upbeat, while if you have a consulting firm it should be more formal and professional. Pinpoint your audience and the personality you want your brand to convey and stick with it. Finding the right tone and voice for your business is a huge part of shaping your brand.


Sharp, informative, original images will do half of the work for you. Giving your customers high-resolution photos of your products, staff, and services is a great way to make ‘trustworthy’ part of your brand. Just remember that people want to see what they’re getting and can usually tell when they’re looking at stock images versus the real deal. Bottom line: do your best to limit stock photos and keep your site’s images to ones that are relevant to your business.

--About us page--

This is your opportunity to give visitors an idea of your business identity and values in your own words. Clarity and straightforwardness is a winning combo – just make sure the tone of your writing is in line with your brand’s.

Positive testimonials can do wonders for your brand. Dedicating a page to them on your site enhances your visitor’s experience and understanding of your business. Even better, give your visitors the option of adding their own comments by adding the Inffuse Testimonials App directly on the page.

--Contact page--

Being easy to get in touch with can be one of your brand’s best associations. Add all of you contact details to this page and let your viewers know that if they have a question, you can be reached.

Social Media


Part of best practices for branding means being active in all of the relevant social networks for your business. Every channel you engage users on needs to be aligned with the look, feel and language of your brand and should of course feature your website’s domain.