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We Keep You

In Front of People,

Not Paperwork.

We are a real estate transaction coordination company offering leverage to real estate agents who are looking to scale their business.


Home Inspections

Impact Doors & Windows

Pre-Purchase Consultations
Impact Door & Windows
Wind Mitigations
Four Point Inspections
Roof Certifications
Plumbing Certifications
Mold/Air Quality Testing
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Real Estate

Printing & Branding

Social Buddy offers a wide variety of print and digital marketing material for the real estate industry, including custom QR codes,  business cards, car signage, real estate for sale/lease/rent signs, postcard printing and mailing and mailouts, banners & flags, brochures and flyers, and much much more. 

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Home Inspections

EIB Construction & Inspections

Promotional Products

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Promo Plus Marketing Consultants is your one-stop shop for promotional products and business gifts.

Air Purification Systems

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Air Purification Systems

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Keeps Homes Smelling Clean and Fresh

Cooking smells, pets & carpets, as well as smoking, can create a smell in the home that is hard to mask, not to mention REMOVE! The TRIAD AER unit can help you to actually remove them – not just cover them up, creating a lasting freshness that will remind visitors of the outdoors. 

Every house has a smell. It’s usually a combination of the people who live there, their perfume, aftershave, the food they cook, their pets, molds or mustiness from moist areas, and other things.

Using an oxidation process, any contaminants (Pollen, Dander, VOC’s/Gasses) in the air or carpets, or other surfaces, are broken down in a process called molecular disassociation. In simple terms, the bonds which hold the toxic molecules together are broken (disassociated) which causes a new and different molecule to be formed.

That molecule is then in turn also broken down and this cycle, or process, continues until all that is left is carbon dioxide and water vapor.

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