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LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site that launched in 2003. Its main purpose is to help people network professionally. The basic service is free. The site lets you find other business associates, clients, and colleagues whom you already know. You "connect" with them through the site, and they then become part of your network. Once you've connected with a person, you will then have access to their list of connections – this is called your "extended network." You can request an introduction to people in your extended network through your mutual contacts. As well as rating number 6 on the top 500 visited websites in the US,  LinkedIn is a great way to keep in contact with other business professionals in any area and in any market. As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn offers companies plenty of advantages. Like many social media tools, companies can use LinkedIn to not only promote themselves, but establish connections and build relationships. The site has more than 120 million members, making it an ideal platform for companies to recruit top candidates, showcase their culture and demonstrate their expertise.

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